Highlight and amplify your in-game actions with your smart lights. Pair your lights to your computer using the free Hue Sync desktop app, which allows you to sync your content and adjust the intensity, brightness, and speed of the light effects.

Download the PC or Mac app. On your mark, get set, go! Man your battle stations. Sync with PC. What you need to start syncing. Hue color smart light setup with Bridge V2. Hue Sync desktop app. Get the Hue Sync desktop app. Mac OS Sierra and higher. Windows 10 x Already have a Hue Bridge?

Add to cart. Item almost out of stock. See all color-capable lights. Finetune your light effects. Adjust the intensity Control the brightness of your lighting depending on the media type you choose. Set the perfect scene Use the preset light scenes from the Hue Sync desktop app to complement your Entertainment area.

Configure your preferences Choose your performance mode, keyboard shortcuts, display preferences, and more. Choose your own adventure. Connect Razer to your Hue lights Your gaming setup is your domain — from the chair you sit in to the mouse you click, your battle station says a lot about you.

Learn more about Razer integration. How to videos.These kinds of apps are fun for parties, but not all that practical for everyday use. Having lights that match the general ambiance of the maps I rotate through adds a fun degree of immersion.

Full-color LED smart bulbs sync up with music to brighten up your party

I found the entire process of configuring and using Synapse 3 with Hue lights so fussy, I eventually gave up on it. Third, Hue Sync works with absolutely everything. I found it more practical to leave a few lights on the normal setting I use in my room and configure the rest for ambient effects, rather than turning everything on at once.

You also select how reactive you want your lights to be: subtle, moderate, high, or intense.

sync smart lights to music

While the app works well enough to give you some decent, increased ambiance for your games and movies, it could still use a little fine-tuning for music. Do you have a Windows or Mac app paid or free that you absolutely love? Tell us about it: david. The A. Shop Subscribe. App Directory. Read on. Subscribe To Our Newsletter. David Murphy. Filed to: app of the week.

David Murphy Posts Email Twitter. Share This Story. Get our newsletter Subscribe.With smart lighting. With music sync, your smart bulbs change hues to the beat of your music, turning your living room into a vibrant, color-filled dance club.

There are two different ways to utilize this amazing new feature: Music Mode and Mic Mode. Music Mode is the traditional method of combining the awesome color changing capabilities of your Flux Smart Wifi and Flux Smart Bluetooth LED Light Bulbs with the beat and rhythm of your personal music and with a streamlined user interface, navigating the app has never been easier.

Then all you have to do is pick out which song stored on your smart device to play and presto!

Amazon has a $27 multi-color LED light strip that syncs to your music

The chosen bulbs will change colors according to the bumps of the bass, crescendos of the symphony, or the twang of the banjo. This helps the Flux Smart music syncing software pick out what musical quality to change colors to. That means users should try to pick out the category they think best describes their tunes in order to experience the full effect of this technicolor technology.

Another way to bring a bit of zest to your party is by using Mic Mode. Accessing Mic Mode is just as easy too. While the only real limit to how you use each music syncing feature is your own creativity, here are a few pointers to get you started. Which music sync mode is your favorite and why?

Do you have any other smart lighting party tips? How to improve your game room with proper lighting? Posted on 9 Nov Indirect Lighting Posted on 2 Aug The dependability of Music Mode Music Mode is the traditional method of combining the awesome color changing capabilities of your Flux Smart Wifi and Flux Smart Bluetooth LED Light Bulbs with the beat and rhythm of your personal music and with a streamlined user interface, navigating the app has never been easier.

A few tips to get the most out of music sync While the only real limit to how you use each music syncing feature is your own creativity, here are a few pointers to get you started. Use Music Mode to play music directly from your device, avoiding any problems with streaming hiccups or internet connection, so you can keep the party going.

Use Mic Mode to open up the world of music a little bit wider with access to any of your favorite streaming services. Share your ideas Which music sync mode is your favorite and why? Recent Articles How to improve your game room with proper lighting?If you want your own lights to flash to the tunes of your favorite music, then you must make a plan and get the right types of equipment for your light show set up.

You need to spend a lot of time, lighting and tools to complete it to ensure the end result is awesome. Here are the 10 steps to your light show set up:. When planning a light show, one of the first steps is to determine how many channels your show requires and what lighting elements will be controlled by each channel.

The Philips Hue app will sync your lighting to your music, games, and video

Decide how your lights show scale is important. You can either choose a specific highlight spot of your house or choose to light up your entire house. While you are planning the scale of your light show, you need to understand following set up concepts:.

Once you decided the scale of your light show, now you will need to prepare for the equipment, specifically, the Christmas lights. Your total list of equipment includes:. In addition, we would also recommend you choosing LED Christmas lights for several benefits.

Most people know that LED Christmas lights save a lot of electricity but there are many more reasons to consider making the switch. You can typically connect 8 to 10 times more LED light strings together end to end while only using one plug outlet.

LIFX Z Experience Light Strips Setup/Impressions! (MAKE ANYTHING LOOK AWESOME!)

This makes decorating large Christmas displays far easier. LED bulbs produce a brighter more vivid light than traditional incandescent bulbs.

The light output is stunning and one of the most complimented aspects of LED lights in customer reviews! Many LED light sets are rated to last tens of thousands of hours, which is well beyond a traditional set of incandescent mini lights that typically may last only a season or two.

LEDs are available in a kaleidoscope of colors and several varieties even feature unique light display capabilities such as being dimmable and color changing. Now you know why so many people have already made the switch. A fully built system is a system that made and tested out of the box. A fully built system can be purchased from various online stores. If you are the following type of person, you should go for this because it saves you a lot of time!

A light show kit is s starter kit that functions almost the same as the system. The only difference that I can think off is the enclosure, and it is very simple to place an electronics board in an enclosure. The price depends on how much you actually do yourself. A system consists of a controller, which communicates with your computer, and solid-state relays SSRswhich actually switch the lights.Use up to four of your favorite HDMI-connected media devices to get full-room light effects, making your TV or console gaming content more vivid and captivating.

The existing Hue Sync desktop app lets you mirror the content on your computer to your Philips Hue color-capable lights. The Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box is a device that uses the same technology to expand your home theater with surround lighting — no computer or laptop required — mirroring the content on your TV screen with light. You can control it with the Hue Sync mobile app.

sync smart lights to music

Connect your HDMI-connected devices — streaming adapters such as Chromecast that allow you to use services such as Netflix, gaming consoles such as Playstation, or set-top boxes, for example — to your sync box, then the sync box to your TV to watch your lights dance, flash, dim, and brighten with the content on your TV screen. You can create an Entertainment area in the Hue app — it will tell your Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box how many lights you have, where and at which height the lights are located, and how the sync box should use them while syncing.

For the best results, we recommend using several Hue color-capable smart lights placed around your TV the Hue Play light bars are a great place to start! Visit the support page for more information on syncing your lights with your TV, setting up Entertainment areas, and more. How will you sync your smart lights? There are two ways to sync your color-capable Philips Hue smart lights to your media: use the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box to sync your lights to the content on your TV screen in your home theater or use the Hue Sync desktop app to sync your lights to the content on your computer.

Sync with home theater. Learn more. Sync with PC. Create a captivating media experience A better way to watch, listen, and play. Connect up to 4 HDMI devices. Sync lights with media. Personalize your experience with the free app. Add to cart. More about syncing with your home theater. Getting started with the sync box is as easy as Download the Hue Sync mobile app. What is the best way to set up my entertainment area?

Connect with Philips Hue. Select country. United States - English. Contact Philips. All rights reserved.The two lights share some characteristics and features. Both are watt, lumen LED bulbs suitable to replace wattt incandescent light bulbs. Each has an E26 base — the standard size for most bulbs — and both are dimmable. No hub is required to use the bulbs and a mix of styles can be operated individually or grouped on the app. The app has quick sets that let you tap one of four buttons on the white-to-yellow spectrum or select other gradations with a white-to-yellow color wheel.

You adjust the dimmer from the app. The RGB light is where the party happens.

sync smart lights to music

In addition, you can tap on a full-color palette circle to change the selection. The music function syncs with whatever is playing on the mobile device with the controlling app, switching between colors and brightness levels in time with the music. Loftek-Sansi sent us one of each of the bulbs to try. The setup process requires that you first disconnect your mobile device from your home Wi-Fi network and connect to the bulb.

We had some issues with the process at first and emailed a company representative for help. We also had to enable a guest network and separately allow guest devices to connect with other devices. After initial concern that the bulbs would only connect with a wide open, unsecure network — which would be a very bad idea, we were able to set WEP security password protection for the guest network.

After connecting successfully to our home network, it was easy to use and adjust the bulbs from the app.

Buy on Amazon. The best smart locks for 4 hours ago.

sync smart lights to music

The best cheap home security camera deals for April Arlo, Nest, Ring 14 hours ago. The best LED light bulbs for 5 days ago. How to use the Wyze Cam as a webcam 2 days ago. Ecobee Haven is an intelligent platform that makes it easy to monitor your home 2 days ago. The best gadgets to clean and sanitize your home 2 days ago. The best refrigerators for 2 days ago.

The best bidet deals for April Cheap bidet toilet seats 1 day ago. Can your smart speaker contact emergency services for you? These are the best Nest smart thermostat deals for April 1 day ago.

These are the best Google Nest Camera deals for April 1 day ago. How to set up an Amazon Echo 1 day ago. The best Alexa speakers of 1 day ago. The best Instant Pot multifunction pressure cooker deals for April 18 hours ago.These low-cost LED light strips can attach anywhere you want thanks to the adhesive strip on the back, and they come in 6. Prices subject to change without notice and any coupons mentioned above may be available in limited supply.

BGR may receive a commission on orders placed through this article, and the retailer may receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes. Depending on the genre of music, the lights colors will change to follow the rhythm or the melody. No need to connect the lights to Bluetooth or download apps.

They are waterproof, extremely low-heat, touchable and safe for children. Every 3 LEDs can be separated with scissors along the cutting marks without damaging the rest of the strip. Need connectors to link them together after you cut. NOTE: when connecting the control box with the lights, the arrows should be placed on the same line.

Due to the adhesive tape on the back, the lights can be attached anywhere you want. They can be installed in angled patterns or in continuous rows. Available from Amazon BGR may receive a commission. Tags: BGR Deals. Share Tweet. Surprise: Coronavirus-killing UV phone sanitizers are back on Amazon. AirPods too pricey even on sale?

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