Reviewing releases in the Apache Incubator by hand was error-prone and time-consuming. Rat arises from the Apache style, but is used more widely. If your release style isn't supported, talk to us. Rat is extensible. If your build tool isn't supported, please contribute a patch or talk to us.

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Rat aspires to be self documenting. Please contribute a patch or talk to us whenever Rat falls short. Apache Rat is part of the Apache Creadur language- and build-agnostic suite of tools for auditing and comprehending software distributions.

San Carlos Apache housing agency in turmoil after federal audit finds major violations

Our community develops open source software the Apache way. Please feel free to contribute a patchdemonstrate a bugor just talk to us. All welcome Use the task library for Apache Ant 1. Use the plugin for Apache Maven 2. If you want to build RAT just launch 'mvn' inside the root folder.

It will automatically perform a. Apache Rat In a hurry? Rat Is Used To? Why Develop Rat? How Do I Use Rat? Who Develops Rat? Apache Rat is a release audit tool, focused on licenses. Use Rat to improve accuracy and efficiency when checking releases for licenses. Apache Rat 0.Audit framework has undergone a major enhancements from Apache Ranger 0. Some of the major changes added in 0. Ranger admin now can show audits stored in Solr.

While audit to DB continues to be supported its use has been deprecated. In future releases its support may be withdrawn. Audit aggregation: Audit messages logged within a configurable time can be aggregated and logged as a single audit event along with the count. This can be particularly useful for plugins with a large number of audit events, e. As a result of these changes the audit configuration is 0.

This document provides those configuration details. For historical reasons these are also known as v3 style configuration. The name v3 is a nod to the prior configurations which were named v2 style configurations. Audit configurations properties following the following naming convention: xasecure. For a concrete example, please refer to the details of one of the audit sinks below. SolrCloud is the preferred audit store. Audit messages stored in Solr can be viewed via Ranger Admin web app.

Solr can be configured to purge audits older than, say, a month or so, with HDFS sink used for long term storage. This denotes a typical zookeeper connect string for that solr instance.

For example: zkhost1. If not using zookeeper but direct url instead then leave it empty or set it to NONE. Either urls or zookeepers must be specified. If using zookeepers then collection can be used to configure the solr collection used to store ranger audits.

If zookeepers is specified then urls is ignored. If not using direct url specification and using zookeeper configuration instead, then leave this property empty or set it to NONE. User of this property to configure audit to solr is not recommended in production. Solr is the preferred and recommended audit store. Use of database to store Ranger Audits is deprecated. Users are strongly encouraged to move to Solr to store their audit messages.

DB Audit Provider might be removed in future releases. For example, full name of the first property below would be: xasecure. Following are the configuration details to configure Ranger audit to db. Example value for MySQL database would be: com. This would be passed as-is by the persistence framework to the driver class instance.Currently, there are two implementations provided, the custom logger can be implemented and injected with the class name as a parameter in cassandra.

Recommendation BinAuditLogger is a community recommended logger considering the performance. Executing prepared statements will log the query as provided by the client in the prepare call, along with the execution time stamp and all other attributes see below. Actual values bound for prepared statement execution will not show up in the audit log.

Each audit log implementation has access to the following attributes, and for the default text based logger these fields are concatenated with s to yield the final message.

apache audit

Auditlog can be configured using cassandra. If you want to try Auditlog on one node, it can also be enabled and configured using nodetool. BinAuditLogger can be futher configued using its advanced options in cassandra. Toggle navigation. Home Download Documentation Community Blog. BinAuditLogger An efficient way to log events to file in a binary format.

All database commands executed via Native protocol CQL attempted or successfully executed. If not set the value from cassandra.

Default BinAuditLogger. May be necessary for Chronicle to correctly parse file names. For more options, refer: net.Database audit logging is an industry standard tool for enterprises to capture critical data change events including what data changed and who triggered the event. These captured records can then be reviewed later to ensure compliance with regulatory, security and operational policies.

Prior to Apache Cassandra 4. Audit logging database activity is one of the key components for making a database truly ready for the enterprise. Audit logging is generally useful but enterprises frequently use it for:. While implementing Cassandra audit logging, we had to ensure that the audit log infrastructure does not take up excessive CPU or IO resources from the actual database execution itself.

However, one cannot simply optimize only for performance because that may compromise the guarantees of the audit logging. For example, if producing an audit record would block a thread, it should be dropped to maintain maximum performance. However, most compliance requirements prohibit dropping records. Therefore, the key to implementing audit logging correctly lies in allowing users to achieve both performance and reliability, or absent being able to achieve both allow users to make an explicit trade-off through configuration.

Performance : Considering the Audit Log injection points are live in the request path, performance is an important goal in every design decision.

Accuracy : Accuracy is required by compliance and is thus a critical goal. As such, accuracy cannot be compromised.

apache audit

With these three design goals in mind, the OpenHFT libraries were an obvious choice due to their reliability and high performance. It was missing a lot of critical data such as when queries failed, where they came from, and which user issued the query. Using this architecture, we can support any output format: logs, files, databases, etc. By default, the BinAuditLogger implementation comes out of the box to maintain performance. Users can choose the custom audit logger implementation by dropping the jar file on Cassandra classpath and customizing with configuration options in cassandra.

Each audit log implementation has access to the following attributes.

apache audit

For the default text-based logger, these fields are concatenated with to yield the final message.One of the most important tasks of an administrator is to configure a system to be secure, but it is also necessary to know it is secure. The only way to know a system is secure and behaving correctly is through informative and trustworthy log files.

Though the security point of view is almost all we care about, we have other reasons to have good logs, such as to perform traffic analysis which is useful for marketing or to charge customers for the use of resources billing and accounting. Most administrators do not think about the logs much before an intrusion happens and only realize their configuration mistakes when it is discovered that critical forensic information is not available.

In this chapter, we will cover the subjects of logging and monitoring, which are important to ensure the system records relevant information from a security perspective. Apache can produce many types of logs. The two essential types are the access log, where all requests are noted, and the error log, which is designed to log various informational and debug messages, plus every exceptional event that occurs.

You only need to be familiar with three configuration directives to manage request logging:. In fact, you will need to use only two. The CustomLog directive is so flexible and easy to use that you will rarely need to use TransferLog in your configuration. It will become clear why later. Other directives are available, but they are deprecated and should not be used because CustomLog can achieve all the necessary functionality. Some have been removed from Apache Before covering the process of logging to files, consider the format of our log files.

One of the benefits of Apache is its flexibility when it comes to log formatting. The first parameter is a format string indicating the information to be included in a log file and the format in which it should be written; the second parameter gives the format string a name.

You can decipher the log format using the symbol table. It is reproduced in Table Standard logging format strings. Bytes sent excluding headers ; a dash - is used instead of a zero. The contents of the cookie Name. Time taken to serve the request, in microseconds Apache 2 only.

The contents of the environment variable Name. The contents of the request header Name. Contents of the note Name. Contents of the response header Name. Server name according to UseCanonicalName directive. You have a lot of fields to play with. Optional parameters can be used for the following actions:. Conditionally include the format item in the log line.

If the parameter consists of a list of comma-separated HTTP status codes, the item will be included only if the response status code was one of the specified ones. An exclamation mark preceding the status codes is used for negation. That is, the item will be included only if the response status code is not one of the ones specified after the exclamation mark. This comes in handy to prevent the logs from growing too quickly. Apache modules can collaborate on logging if they create a named note a text string and attach it to the request.

A change in the Apache architecture in the second generation allows for modules to collaborate and provide custom format strings. These format strings are available if the module that provides them is included in the configuration.

See Table Format string directives available only in Apache 2.Let friends in your social network know what you are reading about. HUD orders San Carlos Apache housing agency to refund millions of federal dollars after auditors discover financial abuses and conflicts of interest. A link has been sent to your friend's email address. A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Welcome to our new and improved commentswhich are for subscribers only.

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Audit Logging

San Carlos Apache housing agency in turmoil after federal audit finds major violations HUD orders San Carlos Apache housing agency to refund millions of federal dollars after auditors discover financial abuses and conflicts of interest.

Post to Facebook. San Carlos Apache housing agency in turmoil after federal audit finds major violations HUD orders San Carlos Apache housing agency to refund millions of federal dollars after auditors discover financial abuses and conflicts of interest Check out this story on azcentral.

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Audit Logging

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